Mixed media explorations

I really wanted to apply some of the mixed media techniques I had come across to a sketch of some cherry blossom.
So I threw everything at it:  I carefully tore slim strips of tissue paper up and glued them where the main branches would be.  I smeared gesso hither and thither.  And glued some more tissue paper just for good measure.  I inked.  I washed.  I fiddled.  And I ended up with this:


Which looks better than I originally thought in this photograph. Trust me, in the flesh, it doesn’t come off so well.  The delicate cherry blossom gets lost in the format of this piece.  Too much texture, serving no purpose.  The focus is meant to be the cherry blossom flowers, but instead the eye is led all over the piece like a drunk spider.  Sorry about that.
There are some elements that I think have worked – the tissue paper on the branch, and the negative painting around the flowers and masked out stamens gives a nice effect:
It’s amazing what cropping can do!  I don’t think I’m happy with this though.  The camera has managed to reduce the muddying effect of the ink shadows, which in real life pain me to look at.  So I think I’m going to use an approach that’s in keeping with the delicate cherry blossom flower – simple negative painting in watercolour, with some accent lights and darks.  I’ll let you know how I get on!

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