Cherry blossom on blue


The morning I spent back in spring doing a study of a branch from my tree was time well spent:  I’ve produced work based on it in watercolour, mixed media, now acrylic and soon, oils.
I painted this for a friends birthday.  I had a rush on, and had to go over to the dark side and crack open the acrylics (I really do have to use an actual nutcracker to get the tubes open).  Actually, they (me) behaved quite well in doing what I wanted them to do.  I was able to create some nice textural effects.  What you can’t see here too well, is I did add scrapes of gesso and glued some tissue paper along the twiggy bit got give extra texture.  I really needn’t have bothered, as all that was lost in the final piece.  And in any case, it didn’t need it.
After I painted this, I had a *brainwave*.  Which was to paint a series of floral paintings based on this cherry blossom and the meadow I painted on one of my banners for Taunton arts week, and do essentially the same subject in different colour palettes and formats.  Genius.
*to other artists this would be the creative norm, for me it was the same amazed euphoria I felt when I decided clothes do not need ironing, ever.

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