This week has mostly been…

…blissfully balanced.
A juggling act at times: painting another three florals for my series and entertaining my son, on his summer holidays, but actually, it’s been a week where things have just fallen into place, with time for everything:  time enough to have my sons friends over, and time enough for me to catch with my friends (their mums) over the teapot.  Plus lovely walks with the dog in these last days of summer.



I’m very very lucky to be able to have a room at home which is solely mine for working in.  Occasionally I like the idea of going out of the house to work in a studio located somewhere else, seems proper, somehow.  But the simple fact is, financially it doesn’t make sense, not when I have enough space at home.

It’s the end of what has been a lovely week, and we are under a deluge of rain.  On went the studio fairy lights, then the dilemma with the fire – to light or not to light?  I don’t need a lot of persuading, but  The Dog is an utter nuisance with the log basket, stealing logs and kindling for his own.  Even very large logs he can barely carry, and he manages to make such a mess! Yeah – I didn’t light it….



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