What’s it all about? Well I’m an artist, so me. Yeah.

This is my first post here on wordpress.  I’m gonna start dragging all my posts from my other blog over here, because the other blog just is not cutting it.

I’m an artist who quite likes spilling her guts via the medium of keyboard.  Hey, I’m gonna make that my tag line for this blog!

I’ve come over from the dark side (bl*gg*r) a while ago, and got myself a shiny new piece of the internet with a built in blog (www.vickihutchinsart.com, if you’re interested) but I don’t like it. You can’t interact with anyone.  It’s a closed shop, and I’m the only customer.

There’s a whole great big blurb on my website about who I am, but I’m a little worried it all sounds a bit stiff and formal.  Tried to lighten it up a bit but not sure I succeeded.  Trouble is, I worked in a public service setting for a few years and everything I write sounds like a policy on how to change the toilet roll.  So, I thought it was time to loosen up.  In a (largish) nutshell. this is me:

  • an emerging artist.  This flower art you see around this page was me, and some oil paint.  Isn’t it pretty?  Does it make you feel better somehow?  You’re welcome.
  • two kids, one husband, one dog, no partridge in a pear tree.
  • Mostly working in oils and pastels, sometimes acrylic.
  • There is no art I do not like.  This can be a problem.
  • I like the classic atelier approach to drawing.  It is the foundation of everything!
  • My own style is still undergoing transition, and to be honest I’m in no real rush to solidify that.  As a teenager it was not quite hyper-realism, now I’m at the painterly, impressionistic, verging into abstract expressionism….I am beginning to find a way to live with the fact that I deeply appreciate the skills of the old masters but I also love the less formulaic approach, the one where you paint what you feel.
  • I like a bit of plein air painting. It’s like an extreme sport in this country (Britain).

I get ill a lot, which is a pain.  I’m currently sat in bed doing this.  And it’s 5pm, on a Tuesday.  Damn.

Till next time,


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