The puzzle of the purple

Afternoon at Longrun Lake
Untitled, 5 x 5″ oil on stretched canvas

Well this was a troublesome little piece.  Some weeks ago, I painted this canvas with a purple straight from the tube acrylic.  At the same time, I painted another canvas orange and did this with it soon after (which I love, by the way).

By the time I came round to this one,  I’d forgotten what I meant to do with it and for the life of me had no idea why I chose such a solid purple to tone the canvas.

I wish I could show you photos of it in progress – it got wiped twice – but like the fake blogger I am, I’ve deleted them from my phone.  My colours were all over the place and I just didn’t have any idea where I was going.  I did a couple of thumbnail notans before hand, but I had a spare hour and just wanted to paint something quick….it was a false economy as I probably spent 2 hours getting it to this stage.

It doesn’t have a title yet, a lot of my work doesn’t.  I wish I could be better at this part!  I’m so impressed by other artists who name their pieces so aptly.  Mine tend to be literal:  Muddy Day in Woods. In the Autumn. Sometimes I’ll ask folks for suggestions and send them a free print if I choose theirs – I need to do this more!


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