It’s been a good week…

Week one - Jan 16

Top from left:  | Annie, 5 min pose, pen & watercolour | Tracy, 5 min pose, pen and wash |Tracy, 5 min pose, vine charcoal | My friends dog!  Class mascot |


…the highlight of which was going to life drawing class for the first time in months and catching up with a new friend and her dog.  Plus everyone else there is really friendly.

Crikey my eyes have been so tired since, from all the squinting.  We did about 7 sketches of various lengths over a couple of hours.  I’m still recovering!

I sat down at the computer about 2 hours ago to write a post about an abstract piece I just did.  Three different cameras and lots of bad photos.  Somehow I managed to edit it so the colours were true but now I’m so tired I can’t remember what I wanted to say, so this is short n sweet.


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