From my sketchbook: tea cups

I could never quite get art journaling.  Seemed like a lot of work and I couldn’t work out for why.  How ignorant am I?!

Then I came across sketcher extraordinaire on Instagram, Liz Steel, and the idea of utilising my sketchbook to capture my every day, even the innocuous, really made sense to me – a quick loose sketch of whatever is in front of me, plus some words about what was going on, what materials I used, is really working for me.  Alright, I don’t do it every day, but already it’s nice to look back since Christmas and see my day to day in pictures.

Liz Steel’s sketches are inspiring – every morning she goes to a coffee shop and sketches her coffee and tea – her collection of teacup sketches are stunning.  If I hadn’t seen her sketches there’s no way I would have attempted sketching an oldy woldy china tea cup.

So actually I feel like a bit of a cheater as she’s done all the hard work for me really, solving all the problems I know I would have struggled with, like the edges on a dainty tea cup.  But sometimes in life you have to be shown, then you can apply the solution to a variety of situations.  Another tool in your kit.




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