Lost and Found : Progression of a Painting

I first came across Avie on Instagram. . I really wanted to share her latest post, as I love her analogy of creative vision, and how she used this to get herself through a tough stage with her painting.


If  we had the ability to see the world through each others eyes – it would be life changing.  In fact, part of the reason that I am an artist is because I want to better communicate my perspective, my interpretation of reality with those around me.   In my mind, my artistic vision, is often as clear as still water.  That is, right up until I take my paint brush and swirl it in said water and the image is lost and distorted until I take the time to let it settle again.

I think many people who attempt any type of art feel as though they have failed before they’ve even gotten started.  They’ve put their stick in the water and as soon as that vision is lost they’ve given up.  Not realizing that every swirl comes back to clear. Sometimes the water clears in seconds other times it takes hours…

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