MyPhotoI am an emerging artist living in Somerset, UK.  

Where I live plays a huge part in influencing my work: I love the landscape around me, and most of my art is based on it in a painterly, impressionistic style.

I enjoy manipulating whatever medium I’m using in an expressive way to create a variety of marks and textures. Lately I have become more interested in an abstract approach, making use of colour and composition in a different way to translate the emotion I want to convey in a piece.

My landscape paintings are either painted in oil or pastel, and are usually based on places local to me that I visit often.

I will usually have painted a plein air study first – sometimes a full blown expedition involving my pochade,oil paints and a flask of tea, and at other times just a sketch book, pen and my dog.

Having done, this, I then prefer to work back at my home studio from memory alone…this way I focus more on the atmosphere of a place.  Occasionally I’ll refer to my plein studies and sometimes small photographs to establish composition and large shapes, but I find I become a slave to detail if I depend on them beyond that.

Still life and floral pieces are usually painted in oils, which I find suit the effects I want to achieve – soft layering, lost edges, impasto highlights and a hint of texture.  I use a limited palette of red, blue and yellow (warm and cool), plus earth colours and white.  I prefer harmonious, soothing colour schemes for my florals, mixing muted pastel hues.

Though primarily a painter, I place emphasis on drawing as a foundation, to refresh, refine and improve my skills – I prefer the classical atelier approach for still life studies and life drawing, often using charcoal and chalk on toned paper. Recently I have discovered the joys of keeping an art journal, and produce lively sketches using pen & wash or watercolour colour to document my days, sometimes sat on the sofa of an evening, sometimes plein air.

Whilst I’ve enjoyed drawing since I can remember, I’ve only been learning and painting seriously for the last couple of years.  Before that, I worked as a public servant for a very long time doing unnecessarily complicated things with software and data.  No doubt I would still be on that treadmill, except my body kind of broke and I could work no longer.  Painting has played an enormous part in having a new focus.

I’m also a member of Somerset Contemporary Artists Network and Go Create, a community interest group bringing art to the public by volunteer artists.  And when I’m not doing any of the above, I’m on Instagram.  Or drinking another cup of tea.  Or walking the hills with my dog.  Or dreaming up ideas for a cut flower garden.

I’m a friendly sort, so feel free to say hello!  Check out the social media icons on this site, or use the contact page.




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