Monday musings

School is back. The house is quiet. And tidy. The summer is truly here and we are all melting. 

I’m waiting for a delivery of art supplies, including cradled panels, so I can start putting down the first stages of my Dartmoor series. 

In the meantime though I’ve enjoyed not rushing. Just spending   time doing a lot of thinking,  reading, and journaling what thoughts I have. 

In particular I’ve been paying attention to my preferences, artistically speaking. Really narrowing down what I enjoy looking at or doing is useful. Of course it might change- in fact, I expect it to. 

One of my challenges is to marry up approaches that are the opposite ends of the spectrum, and thinking about how I might utilise those things in my work more coherently. 

In the meantime these two have been trimmed and sent off for a fundraiser of postcard art.


I’ve been framed!!



Or rather, my work has!

Last year, I bizarrely decided the world was just dying to own some of my floral oil paintings, which was my bad, as it turned out to be just my mother did!

Ha! I jest, a couple of friends took pity on me too.  This was a good lesson to learn – it takes time to grow your art business, and you’ve got to be in it for the long haul.

Since then I almost went insane worked hard to set up a print shop of some of my work.

But given that I can’t not paint, I have a ton of paintings sitting around – so I thought I’d ask my ever saintly husband to learn to become a framer, because how hard could it be?

Weellll….it’s a bit tricky, but I’m so pleased with what he’s done so far! Like these two shown above. Ironically, the bit I hate is painting them, ironically!

And if I can sell a few then great, if not, I’m hanging up in my house!





Floral series pop up shop and free stuff


** G I V E A W A Y **
Hurrah for free stuff!  I wanted to thank you all for your ongoing support and celebrate the opening of my pop up shop this Friday.
So, I’d love to give away this painting,  “Blossom of Serendipity”, to one of you lucky lot.  It’s an oil painting, 10″ x 10 ” on a deep edged canvas.  No faffing to hang or frame, just hang it off a nail like I do.
So, if you want to pretty up your walls with an original* art work, all you have to do is head over to my Facebook page and:
– If you’re not already a fan, like my page (not just this post!), and let me know in the comments, as I may not be aware of who you are (depending on your privacy settings).
– Tell me your favourite flower ever (I know, picking one will be hard) in the comments section, and don’t forget to like the post!
And, I don’t even mind posting it abroad. So where ever you live in the world, you can enter the giveaway.
I’ll be announcing the winner (who will be chosen at random) on Friday 28th August at 6pm on my Facebook page.  Good luck!
Other paintings available for sale this Friday can be previewed via the SHOP NOW button Purchase page.  The shop will be open for a limited time only: from Friday 28th August from 6.00pm to Monday 31st August 6pm.
Just to quickly mention:
* there is a similar piece of art in my shop available for sale, but it is slightly different!